Meet Sherlyn’s arrogant avatar

Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn Chopra

The first Indian playmate, Sherlyn Chopra is upset with people and other starlets opinions and comments. Her nude Playboy  act has not been taken positively (took her a bit long to realize!) . In reply to all the harsh judgement being pelted out Sherlyn has started with self appreciation! She tweeted, “It ain’t a child’s play to feel n express raw, unadulterated emotions. To club nakedness with pure lust n dirty passion is no easy s**t”.

She further credits her doctor who helped her to maintain (or rather get) that body and beauty (kidding?). “My doctor just sent me a congratulatory msg. Told him that 70% of my success should be credited to him and to his adorable wife. More love to them”, she posted on her micro blogging account.

It seems Sherlyn is proud of herself and holds great pride in what she did but is unsure how her late dad would have reacted. A few days back she wrote he would be proud but today she changed tone and said, “Dear daddy, rest assured that I am n shall always be ur girl.U may not approve of everything dat I do…I’m just being myself.Rest in peace”, she added. To each his own Sherlyn.

Now that you have been there, done that, why worry?