Poonam flaunts her cleavage

Poonam and her babies!/Twitter

Poonam and her babies!

Seems the Sherlyn fever has finally gone for Poonam Pandey! She is back with her asset flaunting. The twitter strip queen tweeted a picture of her have naked twins on twitter! in fact it was a series of pictures. “Besides my big b**bs, it is probably my hourglass shape that is my best feature. I play off of that a lot. I like that I have a lot on top and a lot on the bottom,” she posted on her micro-blogging page.

Poonam also tweeted on how her assets enhance her beauty and dress, “At school my twins were bigger than all my friends’ and I was afraid to show them. Now, I feel they make my outfit,” she wrote.

In the urge to show something hot to her tweeple she posted raunchy pics and nasty tweets. Well the competition between Sherlyn and Poonam is hotting up! It seems in the race to beat Sheryln and Sunny, Poonam is trying hard to secure a place for herself in the industry. But Poonam let us tell one has Jism 2 releasing this weekend and the other is on the cover of Playboy!