How to plan the perfect sleepover

Sleepover with friends!
Sleepover with friends! A still from Student of the Year

Here’s some interesting idea for your girls night in

After a busy week or a hectic schedule for a long time we all want to relax and chill, sometimes we plan a night with our girl mates which is an awesome idea. Stay at home, chill, talk, enjoy and destress in the company of your BFFS! To make this night full of fun you should get things ready. Here we provide you with the list of things that you can do on a girl’s night.

  • Drink and Snacks.

A party is incomplete without food and drinks. Get all your favorite drinks and stock up your favorite snacks. Forget about dieting and enjoy the party. Chips, French fries, Chocolates are must.

Sleepover with friends!
Sleepover with friends! A still from Student of the Year
  •   Wear matching PJ’s

It is just to show that you guys are awesome. Wearing same pajamas are fun! You click cool selfie’s. Buy them from any local market. Some cartoon designs are in-trend you can go for same colors as well.

Turn your home into a theater. You can watch a girly type movie with your girl’s. Choose a movie, which is your favorite. From teleserials like 13 Reasons why to good old Gossip Girl there are many choices. Watch old favourites like Mean Girls, Kuch Kuch Hita Hai, whatever you all like. Get that tub of popcorn ready!

  •   Drinking Games!

Play all your favorite games – Truth or dare, UNO, The alphabet game. Mix alcohol in it for fun. Like – Dare: Drink 3 shoots in one go!

  • Tent-House

You can turn your room into a tent house. Create your own creative tent houses. For a dreamy look you can decorate it with LED lights.

  • Makeover!

There is no time for makeovers. Prepare a grooming session. Now that we do makeup and hair every day, you can try manicure and pedicure or you can paint your nail or even a French manicure.

  • Make DIY photo booth and props

After you have done partying, playing and drinking .Capture this night with a group photo, and shoot videos. Use your props for fun!


  • Theme based party!

If you are planning your party in advance, then you can go for a theme. Put this theme on the invitation so that everyone gets dressed according to the theme. Like – “Bollywood theme”, “Princess Theme” or “horror theme.


  • Dancing Queen.

Bring out the dancers in you and dance the way you like. Why always dance sophisticatedly in heels and dresses. Play some funny songs and enjoy dancing.

Photo Props
Photo Props
  •   Plan the next!

Enjoy this night and plan about the next one, because our gossips never end. We need these kind of nights once a month.

Choose some of these ways and make your sleepover fun, entertaining and memorable.