Bollywood angry & upset over Delhi rape


Another shocking case of rape and brutality has come in limelight in Delhi. A 5-year-old child was raped by her neighbour and subsequently subjected to torture. Bollywood is really upset, frustrated and disgusted over the incidence, they took it to twitter to express themselves. Here what they tweeted

Amitabh Bachchan:
Distressed, disturbed and frustrated to learn of the rape of a 5 year old in Delhi .. now fighting for her life !! A shame !! T 1083 -Something is going horribly wrong with us as a society !! Prayers for the little girl as she fights for her life !! -Have no energy left to write think and communicate the horror of this crime !!

Mallika Sherawat
Rape of a 5 yr old!! It’s indeed a sick society!!

Anupam Kher:
Sometimes, The evils of authorities are directly proportional to the tolerance and indifference of the people.

Sidharth Malhotra
Would like to see our “esteem” polititions throw chairs in the parliament over the #delhirape n not their own party politics.

Sherlyn Chopra

Read about the brutality that a 5yr old was subjected to. I am shocked beyond words. What kind of a society r we becoming?
Prakash Raj:
Shame again n again with what happened with a child in delhi. And shame on you officer for the slap on voice of our youth. How dare you??

Raj Kundra:
What happened to the public watching this woman being slapped in public by a civil SERVANT. Stand up for your human rights #angry #disgusted

Shilpa Shetty:
Appauled with the 5yr olds rape story nd disgusted with the Delhi cop who slapped that girl who protested! What is our country coming to. When will this apathy end!Time to wake up. Strict punitive action MUST be taken against these offenders at the earliest. Heartbreaking!

Pooja Bhatt:
Rapists & sex offenders must be named & shamed. If victims of rape live with the trauma all their lives,should their tormenters be spared?

Kunal Kohli:
What is the one step our leaders have taken against terror,against rape?!

Shruti Seth:
Rape cases should be expedited in special courts. Rapists should be punished by the death penalty. Nothing less. Shame on the sick.