Death for rapist is NOT the solution!

Is it a woman's fault?
Punishment for rapist
Punishment for rapist

Amid the gang rape and the rape of a minor, the recent days have brought to light the apathy and sordid reality of the situation. As the young paramedic fights for her life, the key accused is fine with being hanged to death.

CM of Delhi, Shelia Dixit and many activists want death penalty for rape, but we as women feel it might not work. Here’s why:

Threat to kill: The rapist might end up killing the victim to finish all clues of his misdeed.  So every time a rape takes place, a death would also take place to hide his identity.

Not painful: Death for the rapist  is an easy way out as compared to social and moral stigma a girl goes through. The rapist and his family should be secluded by society and  castrated  to make him understand what humiliation a girl goes through.

Hanging takes time: In India, hanging of a prisoner takes anywhere between 5 to 10 years. It is  a slow process.

False charges: A small per cent of men are also accused wrongly of committing rape. What about those who are falsely implicated?

Death is not the answer: Death will not eradicate the root cause for rapes: our mindset. The society is male dominated and till the time equal treatment of both genders doesn’t happen, unfortunately, rapes wouldn’t stop.

While we really need fast track courts, punishments like chemical castration and alienating the family must be looked into.