Delhi gang-rape case: Juvenile accused verdict on July 25

Consensual sex with minor not crime/freedigitalphotos
Consensual sex with minor not crime/freedigitalphotos

The Delhi gang rape which occurred on a chilly December night is still stuck in the courts. The Juvenile Justice Board would now announce whether the minor, an accused in the December 16 gang-rape case, would be tried as an adult or a juvenile for his crime, on July 25.

During the inquiry, the juvenile had denied all charges against him, claiming that he was not a participant in the crime. If he is tried as a juvenile for the crime he would face a maximum sentence of three years, including the time already spent in custody.

A 23-year-old woman was gang raped and was thrown out of the moving bus in Delhi on December 16 last year. She later died in a Singapore hospital on December 29. Six people, including the juvenile, were arrested in the case. The main accused Ram Singh committed suicide in March this year.