‘Don’t bare legs in India’


Manila-based multilateral agency Asian Development Bank(ADB), which is hosting its 46th annual meeting in Greater Noida has warned the delegates not to wear short dresses and show bare legs in India as it can lead to sexual harassment.

On the general information section, the advisory have asked women to dress properly without baring legs. They have also mentioned that shorts and short skirts are offensive to many in India so to beat the heat opt for cotton clothing.

Besides dressing they have also mentioned to avoid public display of love which includes cuddling, kissing, holding hand and even sharing meals.
ADB advisory has incorrectly stated that homosexuality is a crime in India whereas Delhi High court has already decriminalized it in 2009.

Well it’s really shameful to know that other countries now considered India an unsafe place because of the increasing crime specially rape. The government should get a lesson from this and give hard punishment to rapist so that next time no one even thinks of committing such heinous crimes.

But now the big question is does baring legs is the only reason for rape? Do you think ADB guidelines are correct and  wearing short dresses leads to rape? Share your opinion with us?