February 17: Born Today? Know your forecast

Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs

If you are born on February 17 you are ruled by  planet Saturn and number 8.

Traits in you Your ruling planet Saturn makes you humble, honest, focused, practical, realistic and enthusiastic. You are blessed with enormous talent and imagination. Along with the positive characters in you, there are some negative aspects in your nature. You need to work on your nature of being envious, unreliable, and indiscipline.

Health this year:Though you would not face any major health related issues, you should take extra care of your health. Do not take unwanted risk of putting your health in stake. Go for regular medical checkups.

Finance this year:You may try your entrepreneurship skills this year and you will be successful unexpectedly. You will be able to get many projects, which you help you establish as a good businessperson. You should go for investments in real estate and stock market.

Career this year:Your confidence will convert you into a winner. You will be capable enough to overcome any challenge you need to face. The chances of your promotion and transfer are high due to the organizational change.

Romance this year: Your relationship with your spouse or partner will blossom this year. If you are not married, you may have to wait for few more years though you are eligible for marriage.
Lucky Days Saturday, Wednesday & Friday
Lucky Stones Sapphire, Diamond & Emerald
Lucky Colours Dark blue, Dark Grey, Purple, Violet & All Blue shades
Lucky Numbers 8,4,5 & 6