I’m all for equal opportunities: Formula racer & pilot Sneha Sharma

Formula Racer and Pilot Sneha Sharma
Formula Racer and Pilot Sneha Sharma

Modiji is promoting Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao to encourage girl power, because girls are the future of our country. Today they are doing great in all fields and slowly conquering the male dominated industries and sports too. As the women’s day is around the corner so we got in touch with Sneha Sharma , a successful formula racer and a pilot.Sneha has earned the tag of ‘India’s fastest lady’ in ‘Mercedes Young Star Driver’ program and has secured  6 race victories and 9 runner-up  positions in Karting. The busy lady spared few minutes from her schedule to talk to Team AAW.  We salute such women who are making India proud.

Formula Racer and Pilot Sneha Sharma
Formula Racer and Pilot Sneha Sharma
Formula one racing is not a conventional sport for girls so what inspired you to take up this sport ?
It started as a fun sport. I once went for Go-karting and really enjoyed it . Soon I started doing go-karting quite often and my  performances in the local Go-karting races got me noticed.My family didn’t support but with the help of marshals I did basic training of go karting hence my first lessons came from them.
 I got my break in one of the national teams while pursuing my flying course. I participated in the local racing event in Mumbai and clocked the fastest lap of the day.
Now I have raced in Championships like the JK Tyres, MRF National Go-Karting Championships, Rayo racing National championships and many others.
In India there is lot of discrimination against female pilots so did you too face anything similar?
I work for Indigo and luckily there are quite supportive but yes people doubt women pilots.We then have to prove ourselves.
Besides being a formula  racer you are a pilot too. When did you decide to become a pilot?
I left for USA for my commercial pilot training at the age of 17. After that I came back to India and gave entrance exams to get my license. After finishing a bunch of formalities, I finally got my license and hence the new journey began.
Being a pilot which is most common question people often ask you?
Everything is automated now so people often ask me about my role in flying. They think that auto pilot does everything and not us.
Your most memorable flight?
My most memorable flight was  this year during the Kashmir floods. It was difficult time since the airport at Srinagar had been cut-off from the city by the rising waters. From airport staff to the cabin crew everyone worked really hard.
Which is your favourite movie that inspires you the most?
Rush inspires the formula racer in me while pilot’s favourite is Top Guns.
Are you a feminist?
No I am an individual who gets equal opportunities.
Any message for women’s day? 
First all everyday is a women’s day so please don’t restrict it to a single day and secondly I would say just follow your passion and make your identity. 20’s is an important phase of your life so do whatever you want to and fulfill your dreams.