Khap bans jeans and T-shirts for girls

Girl wearing jeans
Girl wearing jeans
Girl wearing jeans

A Khap panchayat in a Hisar village has banned mobile phones and has ordered girls not to wear jeans and T-shirts. They have also banned DJ party and liquor. According to them liquor and improper dressing is the main cause of rapes.

But the youngsters are against it as mobile phones can be useful in alerting parents or the police in case of assaults.The panchayat will ensure that the decision is implemented.


If improper dressing is the reason than why  is a six year old girl raped? Why always women are blamed for crime against them? Why all bans for them?. Khap bans jeans , Asaram Bapu holds the victim responsible, some say girls should stay at home.

Do you think such bans can lower the crime against women? Please comment and share your views.