Mothers-to-be to get free pickup and drop

Pregnant lady/freedigitalphotos
Pregnant lady/freedigitalphotos

Here’s a good new for all the mothers-to-be  in Karnataka as the state is gearing up to introduce the free pick-up-and-drop facility for pregnant women to reduce high infant and maternal mortality rates.

As per the scheme, the health department will station its vehicles at strategic points. Based on a woman’s expected date of delivery, she will be taken to the nearest primary health centre or delivery point. She will be provided with food, medical and recreational facilities. Once she recuperates after delivery, the vehicle will drop her back home.

The scheme was introduced an year before but the BJP government here failed to implement it for lack of funds and political reasons. But now as the elections are approaching so the Congress government, has decided to pursue this scheme on priority.

Team AAW thinks that this scheme is low on practicality?What’s your take on the same