Shame: Another Nirbhaya in Rajasthan

Stop crime against women
Stop crime against women
Stop crime against women

After the heinous Delhi gang rape another Nirbhaya is fighting for life in Rajasthan. The 11 year old girl was kidnapped by six men last year from a bus stand in Sikar town. They raped and thrashed her and dumped her on the outskirts of the town.

According to the doctors her private parts were brutally vandalized that she had to undergo six major surgeries and eight minor surgical procedures.

All six were arrested but two have already been granted bail as the police had allegedly booked them under milder sections of IPC.

It’s shocking to see that there are other Daminis too in India. We  feel disgusted to know that women are treated like animals. Men should understand that women are also human beings.  People committing crimes against women should go through pain and suffering as part of punishment.  Aaw hopes for  a speedy recovery of the girl and  hard punishment to the rapists.