Shame: Seven year old school girl raped in Goa

Stop crime against women
Stop crime against women

A seven-year-old girl was raped in a school toilet by an outsider.  The  young girl was raped after being dragged inside the toilet situated next to the headmistress's office during a break in classes.

After the news of the rape spread thousands protested outside the school demanding the arrest of the headmistress. The rapist is still missing but the Crime Branch officials have arrested the headmistress of the school for delaying the registration of a FIR.

Even after so much protest and uproar post-the Delhi gang rape, crimes against women have not decreased. When will all this come to an end?  Where are all the ministers who have insane reasons for the rise of crime against women? What was the fault of this innocent seven year old? We at AAW feel saddened and angry when women are treated like this.