The hideous Delhi gang-rape: Women react

Traumatized woman/
Traumatized women/
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The nation stands shocked and scandalised. It is a shameful to see that people pray to goddesses and rape the women! The gang rape of a young paramedic by 7 men in a moving bus in Delhi’s posh South Delhi area has stunned everyone. The Delhi Police is doing a slow and shoddy job of catching the accused and have by far identified them all but arrested only 1.

Women across India feel the same. While Jaya Bachchan has threatened to protest outside Parliament over Delhi gang-rape, Smriti Irani has asked the Home Minister and the government to react, “why we are unable to secure women in our capital?,  In 36 hours, a 23 year old and a six year old have been raped.  Even when a girl is molested in Delhi, the police says it’s just a molestation, not a rape,” said the feisty actress turned politician in Rajya Sabha.

Actress Preity Zinta wrote about how unsafe Delhi is on her Twitter account, “It’s disgusting how unsafe Delhi is becoming 4women! Either there should be capital punishment 4 rapists or they should be castrated #Justice.”

BSP supremo Mayawati feels that we need to improve our laws and make them stricter, so that it serves as a deterrent for rapists. Not enough to just arrest them, but action should be so strict that no one should dare to act in such a manner.

 ‘Delhi Police needs to be ashamed’

While Delhi Police loves being in the limelight for all the frivolous reasons, from shutting bars at 12.30 to stopping people from drinking unlicensed liquor but women’s safety isn’t a priority.

“I attended those self defense classes which Delhi Police widely advertises but do you think any woman stands a chance against 7 men? The police will always have a million check posts, some of them are empty and at the others policemen are busy harassing two-wheeler owners. Buses are never checked. There should be security personnel in every mode of public transport to ensure safety of women,” says Parul Pareekh, a law student.

‘South Delhi posh and safe?’

Haven’t we all heard about how modern South Delhi is? Sadly, the cops target the rich and the affluent in South Delhi (extra bucks, you know) and public transport is a nightmare. Malls too have simple security measures to check  for shoplifting.

‘The dislike towards public transport’

Public transport at odd hours always gives an eerie feeling. The Delhi metro has tried to stop drunk people from entering and a women’s special coach but the metro doesn’t have connectivity and you still need a rickshaw, etc.

“In public transport men have an open excuse to tease women, try to pinch, feel and maul them in crowd. Let Delhi’s pollution rise because every woman needs a car or scooty. The number of women who ride a scooty has increased widely in the past few years due to the fear of public transport,” says Gauri Patil, marketing manager in an MNC.

‘Lynch these men publically’

Many women feel public humiliation and boycotting of their families will help instill a sense of fear in men. Sarita Tanwar, the editor of Mumbai Times (Times of India) feels the same, “@SaritaTanwar: The guys who raped the girl in the moving bus on Sunday should be castrated and then stoned to death in public. That would be justice,” she wrote on her twitter handle.