Signs you are married to a sex addict

Is he a sex addict?
Is he a sex addict?/weheartit
Is he a sex addict?
Is he a sex addict?/weheartit

Sex is something married India women love joking about but hesitate discussing about it just like Jigandha Aurora, 27, who had an arranged marriage discussed with her friends that her husband likes having sex daily even during her periods after three years of her marriage.

Many Indian men become sex addicts and women silently suffer. People suffering from sexual addiction go to great lengths to hide their behaviors, but you can spot signs that something is wrong if you know what to look for. Here are some ways to know that the person is a sex addiction.

Sexual humour: People with sex addiction can turn almost anything into a sexual joke or reference because their mind is always preoccupied with sexual thoughts. If other people respond positively to his sexual humor, he attempts to make overt sexual overtures later on too.

Financial woes: A sex addict spends a huge percentage of money to buy sex. If you see a change in your husband’s spending pattern and doubt that he might be going to prostitutes for sexual favours confront him. Many men also end up using their credit card to buy kinky material or watching online videos.


Frequency of sex: People with sexual addiction often place increasingly high sexual demands on their partners. Try to reduce the frequency and wait for his reaction. Often sexual addicts get frustrated and force you to do the deed (subtly or forcefully). Try to say no when you are not in the mood and see if his behaviour changes. Also never be guilty that you are not able to meet the demands of your partners because it is important to recognize that no amount or kind of sexual activity will ever be sufficient for someone with sexual addiction.

Does he check out other women: Sexual addicts often stare at other women, especially full figured or less clothed ones. They like to fantasize about such women. Check if your man likes to stare at such women and avoid eye contact with you afterwards out of guilt?

Unsafe sex: Often men who turn addicts do not enjoy wearing protection. If your hubby suddenly decides rolling one is getting boring and doesn’t satisfy him it is a bad sign. This is thrill seeking behaviour which can result in an unwanted pregnancy which can spell trouble for your marriage.

Lying habits: Due to this addictions men often lie to get alone time to indulge in their fantasies. Excuses to be alone at house or sending everyone away, every now and then, to watch some porn are signs of sexual addiction. In fact a lot of sex addicts lead a double life which leads to lying.

Intimacy is the cornerstone of all marriages but both of you should be comfortable and if you have any such thoughts it’s best to confront your other half. There is no harm in seeking medical help to ensure a happy marriage. Remember sex is to make you feel closer and if it feels like anything else, maybe it’s time to get honest.