5 Reasons you must drink lemon water in the morning

11 Amazing household uses for lemons
11 Amazing household uses for lemons

Over the years we have had numerous Bollywood stars, health experts and dietitians mention the need for drinking lemon water first thing in the morning.

I considered this a show off trend more than a health tip. But a year back I wanted to lose a few kilos (don’t we all want to) and started taking lemon in lukewarm water when I got up and the results surprised me, reminisces Rachna Bhalla, a housewife.

This simple, easy to make health drink has wellness-enhancing properties and it provides more than hydration, fresh lemon juice and lukewarm water has surprising benefits. Read on to find out more

Ayurvedic reasoning: Starting every morning with warm lemon water is an age old Ayurvedic ritual. Lemon water stimulates digestion for the day and helps clear the body of any toxins that may have settled in the digestive tract overnight.  By default most of us love our steaming cup of coffee or tea in the morning, but try starting your day with some warm lemon water as it kick-starts digestion.

Supports immune system: Lemons are high in antioxidant vitamin C, which support a healthy immune function and reduce the risk of respiratory infection. The Vitamin C found in lemons demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects, and decreases asthma and other respiratory problems. Lemons contain saponins that helps keep common cold and flu at bay.

Alkalizes the body: Although the sourness of a lemon makes them seem acidic, lemons are actually alkalizing for the body. Lemons contain both citric and ascorbic acid and their high mineral content help alkalize the blood.

Aid digestion: Citrus flavonols are responsible for lemon’s traditional use as a digestive. Lemon water not only stimulates and purifies the liver, lemon juice traditionally was used to support digestive hydrochloric acid in the stomach by aiding digestion. Vitamin C also helps reduce risk of ulcers.

Clearer skin: Vitamin C and other antioxidants in lemons combat free radical damage, which is usually caused by UV exposure and environmental toxins, that lead to aging. Antioxidant intake can help minimise appearance of wrinkles. Also application of lemon juice directly on scars and age spots can reduce them.

So try and sip this delightful health drink each morning to revitalize your body.

PS you can make lemon infused water for the day time by simply cutting a lemon into wedges and adding to a bottle of water. Refill each time you finish the drink.