How to reduce stress

A stressed out woman/
A stressed out woman/
A stressed out woman/
A stressed out woman/

In this fast moving world stress has become an integral part of our life. Today stress is the worst enemy for many women. As a woman coping with domestic and office issues can be stressful. Many Indian women are also becoming alcohol addicts and going to doctors due to breakdowns.

For all those pretty ladies, we at Aaw found some fun ways to reduce unwanted stress:

 Pamper yourself: Once a month, after a stressful week at office reserve the weekend for pampering yourself. Take an appointment for a spa or massage and get rejuvenated. Massage improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids and increased blood flow brings fresh oxygen to body tissues. Head massage, hot stone, Balinese or foot massage are few good bets. Ir you can take a two day stay at a spa and switch if your phone when you reach there. Do not have this much time? Get you spa therapies in installments, one weekend (few hours) for pedicure, next for head massage and so on.

Chocolate Spa /pintrest
Chocolate Spa /pintrest

Sex:  We understand that sex is definitely the last thing that comes to your mind when you are under stress. But studies show a healthy sex life leads to reduce in anxiety and stress levels. Call your boyfriend, sex buddy or husband but never go and pick a stranger.

Watch funny videos: Laughter is the best medicine; with the advent of internet it’s readily available. Just switch on your TV and search for a cartoon channel or a comedy show. In case you are not a TV person then look for funny videos on you tube and laugh out loud to distress. Videos games too are equally effective.

 Shopping: For girls shopping is the best way to lift the mood. Go to a mall or your favourite market and indulge in some retail therapy. But make sure that this stress buster doesn’t become too heavy on your pocket. The best way: Pick only one or two items per week.


Play with pets: Pets are a good stress buster. Go home and enjoy quality time with them. Play around with your dog or cat, feed the fishes and talk to them. But buy a pet if you are an animal lover and have someone at home to share the responsibly or else you dog will also become a task.

Friends taking photos with a smartphone

Meet friends: Friends can always cheer your mood. When ever you feel the need to rejuvenate simply plan a get together with friends and enjoy good food, drinks and an interesting gossip session.

Eat: Emotional eating is not always bad but make sure that you eat the right food.  Eat oatmeal cookies, chocolates, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, yogurt, Cottage cheese and oranges and beat your anxiety and regulate your stress hormones.

Talk to you mum or siblings: Family is the best way to forget the burdens and stress. Spend time with your loved ones!