Know your twins better

Know your twins better!
Know your twins better!

Breast is the first thing that men notice in a woman. Your twins are more than just two fantastic accessories on the body. They are a femininity asset!  Rakhi Sawant, Biapsha Basu, Sushmita Sen and men’s favourite Ayesha Takia are some to go under the knife for breast enhancement.Besides enhancing the beauty, breasts also performs several other functions; feeding and spicing up your sex life.

AAW brings out few interesting facts to know your breasts better

  • 65 – 75 per cent of Indian women wear an incorrect bra size.
  • Nipples vary in size as well as shape.
  • The left breast is usually larger than your right one.
  • Smoking leads to breast sagging.
  • Woman’s breasts that are fuller in the middle will have greater cleavage.
  • Breast milk tastes sweeter than cow’s milk!
  • Over two million women have fake breasts.
  • There is a world record for the biggest pair in Guinness book or records!
  • Breast fetish is a psychiatric disorder.
  • Just like your face, breasts can also get sunburned even when you have your swimsuit on.
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer women face.
  • You can get blackheads and pimples on your rack.
  • Some women can reach orgasm via breast stimulation.
  • Average breast size in India is 34 C.
  • Sleeping sideways or on one breast could change the shape of the breast.
  • Wearing a bra during sleep causes breast cancer is a myth.