Resume your eating habit slowly after fasting

Have vegetable juice/freedigitalphotos
Have vegetable juice/freedigitalphotos
Loaded chicken pizza

Finally after fasting for eight days you can eat all the food in the world but STOP! Never do this. We understand that after the fasts your tongue can’t wait more to hug that cheesy pizza,  ice cream and all; however this is not a fair treatment to your body. Direct revamping to your normal eating routine may make you fatter. Our biological system undergoes changes and get habitual to less food and more water so why overburden our stomach with lots of heavy food the very next day? Your body needs time to get back to previous routine so give yourself 2-3 days for this.

Start your day-after-fast with a salty mix veg juice and a light sandwich, after an hour take yogurt, sprouts with lemon and some easy to digest food like rava dosa or idli. This will make you full plus shall relax your taste buds too.

Now progress slowly and do not jump away on anything or everything because small and frequent meals are the key today. Here the primary school lesson needs to be recalled: chew your food properly to help your digestive system.

Avoid taking tea empty stomach as this may trigger to acidity. Take it with some biscuits, most preferably whole grains ones.

Avoid oily food for 2-3 days after fasting. Street food or extra oily Indian food may irritate your belly as it was used to simple food.

Try to have dinner early in the evening and if you feel hungry after hours then have a warm glass of milk. There is a method to everything, follow this method if you love your body and now you are ready to have a pizza. Yayyyyy!