Nirbhaya, the icon for Women’s Day 2013

Remembering Nirbhaya a year later
Remembering Nirbhaya a year later
Nirbhaya, the icon of Women's Day 2013
Nirbhaya, the icon of Women’s Day 2013

The 23-year-old young soon to physiotherapist girl, Nirbhaya’s dreams were crashed on a cold December night when she was brutally gang-raped by 5 men. After 13 days of struggle she lost the battle for life but still continues to live in the hearts of many. This International Women’s Day we name Nirbhaya as the icon of the year.

Nirbhaya (as the media named her) united the nation to fight for justice. Many protests and rallies were carried out to demanding punishment for the rapists. Besides demanding forming of fast track courts she also gave thousands of woman the courage to stand up and report crime against them. When she was struggling thousands prayed for her to survive. When she died the nation bereaved a daughter, however, the people awakened. There were thousands of protests which demanded justice for her.

When she was struggling the nation prayed for her to survive. The government also formed a fast track to punish the guilty but it’s sad to know that the case is still going on and no punishment has been given to them.

In the recent annual budget the government also announced Rs. 1,000 crore to ensure the safety and security of Indian women; the Finance Minister named it ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ in her honour. Law ministry also wants to change the Anti-rape law to increase the punishment of the culprits.

We salute the woman who bought a change in the judicial system and motivated many to stand up for their rights and fight against injustice.