Why Duchess Kate doesn’t have a pregnant belly?

Duchess Kate/facebook
Duchess Kate/facebook
Duchess Kate/facebook

The world is going gaga about the royal baby to be born this July. The press is stalking Duchess Kate like crazy. The Duchess is dressing like her immaculate self and reports say the Prince is in love with her all over again. While everything about the to-be royal baby seems great there is a small problem the Duchess has no pregnant belly!

In fact so much so that with her third trimester she is still very much wearing non-maternity clothes (her smart coats and dresses combo)! While many reports claim Duchess is going through mommyrexic, where in the mother doesn’t eat much to look perfect. The duchess has gained an inch of weight it seems.

But her genetics are to be blamed (or thanked) as her mum also carried all her babies without any telltale signs of pregnancy. Well, the bets are high that Kate is carrying a girl and wants to name her after Princess Diana.