How sad! Fair & Lovely is now Glow & Lovely

Here is how people reacted to ‘Fair & Lovely’ being changed to ‘Glow & Lovely’.

Hindustan Unilever Limited made it to the headlines when the announced that the company will be dropping ‘Fair’ from their fairness cream ‘ Fair and Lovely. This step was taken by the company to address the regressive and demeaning approach of its skincare brand and also to be more inclusive. 

HUL has now introduced the new name for their product and has renamed the brand ‘Glow and Lovely’. The men’s range of the same product will also be changed from ‘Fair and Handsome to ‘Glow and Handsome’. 

Twitter wasn’t pleased with this news as the company has entirely missed the point. Here is how people reacted. 

What do you think of this name change?