It’s here! A mask that deactivates COVID-19

Researchers have created a mask that could kill coronavirus on the surface.

The fight against coronavirus is ongoing and an effective vaccine is yet to be introduced in the market. While waiting for that to happen, people have relied on hand sanitizers, masks, and social distancing to keep themselves safe.

Source- Edward Elmhurst Health

Face masks are known to prevent transmission of coronavirus and now, researchers at Northwestern University in the US have been able to create a mask fabric that can deactivate coronavirus. The mask has a layer of anti-viral chemicals that have the ability to sanitize exhaled air.

The experiment was carried out in a lab recreating the normal behavior of a person wearing a mask and them coughing, sneezing, and breathing through it. The research showed that a lint-free wipe which normally has 19% fiber density coils sanitizes 82 percent of escaped respiratory droplets (by volume). This also does not affect the breathing ability and does not make it difficult for the person to breathe through the mask.

The antiviral chemicals used were phosphoric acid and copper salt as they had the potential to kill the virus. These are nonvolatile in nature and stay on the surface of the fabric.

These masks are yet to be commercialized till then, it is best to take all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves protected from COVID-19.