Milind Soman Attempts superman push-ups in this video

Watch video of Milind Soman trying superman push-ups and how his wife reacted.

Milind Soman shared a video on Instagram revealing his new favorite fitness routine.  The actor and model; was seen trying his hands at superman pushups and his wife had the sweetest thing to say!

His wife dropped a comment saying  “And still managed to look so charming while doing THIS,” 

Milind Soman has been sharing his fitness routine with his followers amidst lockdown and he also shared an old video of him doing clapping pushups in Manali.  “This was some time last October and now I can do 20 decline clapping pushups.” he wrote as his caption. 

Another video of himself and his mother skipping with jump ropes was quickly picked by netizens and everyone was amazed to see the level of fitness the mother-son duo had achieved.