Netizens troll Aryan Khan’s clothing line over “Insane Pricing” 

Aryan Khan’s clothing line faces backlash over their insane pricing: 

SRK’s son Aryan Khan recently launched in luxury streetwear brand. The website for the same went live yesterday. People are quite shocked and surprised about the piercing of the products offered. Recently, Aryan and his father Shah Rukh Khan have been promoting the film and the upcoming launch, creating a lot of buzz among fans. An advertisement featuring SRK was also released. From a jacket costing around 2 lakhs to a sweatshirt being sold at 33k, the pricing of the garments stunned almost everyone.


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Instagram users were quite shocked by the prices, which was evident in the comments section. One user stated, “Khan saab even if I sell my one kidney won’t be enough I have to sell both of my kidneys.” Another shared, “Just checked the prices, it’s crazy. A middle-class guy can never afford it. Been waiting since the teaser and refreshing the page for the past 1 hour. Bad luck I guess.” “2 lakh for a leather jacket?” another fan exclaimed.

Instagram account Diet Sabya which focuses on fashion also commented on the clothing brand’s pricing range. On their Instagram Stories, they shared a screenshot from the store which showed a white T-shirt with a printed design priced at ₹24,400. Another black hoodie was priced at ₹45,500, while a jacket was over ₹2 lakhs. The screenshots of the clothing items accompanied the caption, “What is going on? Who the f**k has done costing for this just want to have a word.”

Netizens also expressed their feelings on reddit. One user wrote, “Man the pricing of this screams money grabbing scheme, because wtf 💀😭.” Another stated, “This isn’t even for rich people, this is for idiotic upper-class kids who want subpar clothing to show off to their school like supreme merch.” “Just checked the prices, it’s crazy. A middle-class guy can never afford it,” ”2 lakh for a leather jacket?,” read another one.

What are your views on this?