Perks of having an elder sister!

Here are some perks of having an elder sister:

You may fight with her or tease each other but siblings are blessings of god so that we never get bored in life. She is our support and in a way complete us. We might get irritated with her and feel like throwing her out of the house but at the end of the day she is the one you need the most as you can blindly rely on her.  A sister may be the most annoying creature of your life but on the other hand, she is the most loved one too. Despite all the madness, there are a few perks of having a sister sibling.

  • You learn from each other

As you have an age gap so you get to learn from each other. An elder sister gives you an opportunity to learn from her mistakes and experiences so that you don’t have to go through them.

  • Partners in Crime

Whenever you will be in trouble she will be there to support you. You can’t do a night out or hang out with friends till late without her support.  She will always be there with you to guide you.

  • Always there

After a bad day, you will have her to listen to you and understand you completely. She will understand the smallest thing of your life and the best thing is she knows how to pass through tough times. You have a shoulder to rest upon.

  • Secret holder

She will be the first person on your mind when you want to discuss your personal problems. Unlike the world, she will never judge you.

  • Partner in eating

When you are not in the mood to eat the boring ghar ka khanna she will be always ready to order something of your choice.

  • Extra Wardrobe

Whenever you think you have nothing to wear for a party you can always raid her closet.

  • Lifetime bond

Many people will come and go from your life, but she is the one who will be always there for you and with you. She will never leave you alone and will be the one who will hug you on your bad times.

No matter how much you fight with her or annoy her, she is the only one you love the most. Feel lucky to have her and be thankful to your parents. People who have sister siblings are blessed.