Orkut Nostalgia is hitting 90s kids hard!

Here is how people are recalling the good old Orkut days. Check out the tweets here.

Orkut was one of the first social media platforms for Gen Y and a preferable one for messaging before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter came into the picture. People loved the scraps and staying connected to their friends on Orkut before it was shut down in 2014. 

The good old memories were brought back by a tweet when a user decided to refresh the memory of Gen Y and the tweet quickly went viral. 

Not only did it garner a lot of attention but #Orkut started trending on Twitter and people had the sweetest things to say. 5th July 2014 was also the day people bid farewell to Orkut. Here are some of the tweets in which people shared their experiences and some funny memes.

Were you a fan of Orkut?