Poor Habits That Result in Poor Vision

Your habits can be making your eyesight weak! Follow these tips to have healthy eyesight.

Poor vision or Bad eyesight can be a result of a lifestyle disorder, medical history and various habits too. Moreover, it can also include genetic issues, age and environmental issues too. To correct the vision, people get either lenses or a pair of glasses but often ignore the other influential factors that are important for healthy eyesight and vision. As today’s world is occupied with different forms of screens, here are some of the habits that one should take care of to maintain better eyesight.

Excessive use of smartphones: Prolonged use of smartphones especially late at night and reading smaller text can cause unclear and blurry vision. Likewise smartphones, avoid using laptops and computers since spending longer hours on such gadgets causes dryness in the eyes which leads to poor vision.

Smoking: We all know smoking is injurious to health but very few of us know that it leaves a poor impact on the eyes too. Apart from throat and lung cancer, it can result in blindness as well which is equally dangerous as cancer. Since tobacco particles of a cigarette cause cataracts and macular degeneration as well.

Sunglasses: Not wearing sunglasses while going out during peak afternoon hours affects eyesight and vision since harmful UV rays directly contact the retina and lead to poor vision. Wearing sunglasses isn’t a part of fashion but is helpful in protecting eyes from blurry, watery and poor vision.


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Itching and Rubbing Eyes Frequently: Avoid itching and rubbing your eyes frequently even if you wish to do so because it damages the eyes’ outer surface and causes a burning sensation. These further spread the dirt and bacteria into the eyes due to naked contact of fingers with the cornea. If you feel to rub then splash some cold water onto the eyes which will give you some relaxation.

Using Eye Drops Without Doctor’s Consultation: People usually put different eye drops into the eyes on their own to give them some relaxation and lubrication. This is very harmful since overusing or putting eye drops without a doctor’s consultation can leave the worse effect too like redness, burning and swelling in the eyes. Always use the doctor’s prescribed eye drops and put a few drops to relax and protect your eyes.

Eye care is equally important as skin and body care. Follow the tips mentioned above to have better vision and quality eyesight.