Relish those perfect memories with hand casting

Check out why hand casting is a great gift idea:

A hand impression is a casting made from a mold, it is the sculpture of the hands that are made with clay and is later painted. Hand casting is the exact replica of your hand or feet. It is the best way to capture the impressions of your kid’s hand and foot.

In fact, Bollywood director loved her kid’s casting so much that she gifted Bollywood’s IT couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone a chance to cast there hands as their wedding present.

We know pictures are a great way to preserve memories but hand casting adds life and 3D touch to it. Not only this, but it is a wonderful and thoughtful gift option as well. So if you are interested in getting it done, read on the information below:

Source: Handcast
Source: Handcast

There are two ways to get it done at home or get it made by a professional artist


To make it at home you need several items and you have to follow a certain procedure as well. You can make exact castings of your babies hand and feet on your own at your home. All you have to do is to order a kit. There are various websites that sell the modeling kits, you can order it and get it made yourself. The primary things that are required are mold containers, hot water, clay, box knife, and casting plaster.

Source handcast
Source handcast

You can watch this tutorial to get a clear view:

Places where you can get it done (overall India):

  • Lovely casting studio
  • First impressions by Bhavna jasra
  • Vivid

Baby hands and feet casting have become popular nowadays and are a unique way of seizing the special memories of your child while they are still young.  Make sure you get one done for your kid.