Stigma COVID-19 recovered patients face

Here are the stigmas that COVID-19 recovered patients face and how we can help them.

The countries around the world are fighting two most deadly problems; coronavirus and social stigma attached to it. The anxiety, uncertainty, and fear are understandable during this time but people have forgotten how to be humane and kind to each other. Coronavirus is contagious but that should not culminate hostility towards people who are fighting this disease. 

Source- New Indian Express

Whether they are healthcare workers, sanitary workers, or patients who have recovered from COVID-19, most of them are facing discriminatory behavior from people and that has given a boost to prejudices that make it difficult for recovered people to live in society. 

Here is what people trying to stay protected inside their home need to understand: 

  • Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease and no one would deliberately want to put their families at risk. The only way to keep yourself safe from catching the infection is by practicing ‘social distancing’ and taking proper protection measures. 
  • It should also be understood that the disease is curable and once the patient has tested negative, he or she is no longer infectious hence no need for discriminatory behavior. 
  • People who have recovered should be supported instead of being ignored as this behavior can have a negative impact on their mental health which is not good for their health.  
  • Healthcare workers who were tested positive are trying their best to help their patients and their efforts should be applauded and they shouldn’t be made to suffer just for catching the virus. 
  • Targeting recovered people is only going to weaken our fight against coronavirus and we, as a society would fall apart if this behavior continues. 

Here is what you should and shouldn’t do:

  • Avoid addressing people as ‘COVID victims’ 
  • Do not spread fear and panic 
  • Cross-check information before telling anything to your peers 
  • Share positive messages and remarks with recovered patients 

Here are the facts about COVID-19 recovered patients that you should know. Try to be compassionate during this time as no one suffering alone. It is important to come together for each other and help people get through these tough times.