These mask parottas are a hit amongst netizens

Check out these mask shaped parottas from a restaurant in Madurai.

People were amazed to see these mask parottas which are being made in a restaurant called Temple city, based in Madurai. It is being done to create awareness amongst people and to encourage them to wear masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

The owner of the restaurant chain, K.L. Kumar, came up with this idea after he saw people coming into his restaurant without wearing a mask. The owner also arranged for some masks to be handed out for people who weren’t carrying one and were coming to his restaurant to pick deliveries. 

People were amazed at the creativity and appreciated the efforts of the restaurant. Here is what people had to say. 

People are trying their best to keep themselves safe and initiatives like these help them realize how important it is to take precautions during this global pandemic.