Types of headaches you should not ignore

Here are the types of headaches that should not be ignored if you have been experiencing them.

Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of many diseases and are often accompanied by other mild symptoms. Headaches sometimes are also triggered by stress and lack of sleep but if they are persistent then it definitely should not be ignored. 

There are several types of headaches and one may feel different from another. Here are types of headaches that you should not ignore if you have been having them for a while. 

Source- Align Orthodontics


The intense throbbing mostly felt coming from deep inside the head and mostly felt on one side of the head is identified as migraine. People also become sensitive to sound and light and being around it can make their migraine worse. It can also induce vomiting. 

Hypertension Headache 

These are a result of high blood pressure and are felt on both sides of the head. It can also lead to nosebleeds and can cause trouble in breathing. 

Sinus Headache 

It is felt in sinus and forehead and is generally caused due to an allergic reaction. It can also be a sign of sinus infection. 

Cluster Headache

Although it is rarely observed, it may be triggered by alcohol consumption and is felt as an intense pain behind the eyes. 

Rebound Headache 

It is caused due to overuse of medicines and can also feel like a migraine. Preventive medicines are available fr this type of headache. 

Tension Headache

This is caused due to a pull in muscles or a muscle contraction and is caused by a number of reasons. It is often accompanied by other symptoms like tenderness and increased sensitivity around your neck, forehead, and shoulders. 

Here are some types of headaches that you should not ignore. If you have been experiencing them for a while, it is best to consult a doctor to know more about it.