Ways to experiment with Maggi at home!

These are the different recipes of Maggi that you can try at home.

Many of us are not great chefs and are dependent only on our Maggi-cooking skills. While learning new recipes during this quarantine, we should not forget the beloved instant noodles that helped us get through tough days during college. Here are some interesting ways to give a twist to Maggi and recipes that you can try. 

Maggi Sandwich

Source- Pinterest

Try this easy-to-make sandwich by adding vegetable Maggi as filling and enjoy this perfect evening snack.

Chilli cheese Maggi

Source- TripAdvisor

Try chili cheese, Maggi, if you are craving something flavorful and spicy.

Butter Chicken Maggi

Source- TripAdvisor

The ultimate cheat food for non-veg lovers, add leftover butter chicken to Maggi to make this delight.

Egg Bhurji Maggi

Source- Pinterest

Best way to make most out of limited ingredients at home. Add egg bhurji to Maggi and enjoy this protein-packed Maggi.

Pizza Maggi

Source- TheFood XP

Best to make when you can’t decide between pizza and Maggi, bring both of them together!

Maggi butter Masala

Source- Step Into The Kitchen

Try this recipe when you don’t feel like being too experimental but still wish to give your regular Maggi a new twist.

Which recipe are you going to try?