Signs that you are a foodie


Here is how to find that you are a foodie

Some of us love food, be it healthy or unhealthy. There is something in food because of which we cannot stop thinking about it. People who love food possibly are always conversing about food or somehow end up any conversation relating to food. Well, I just love food and I very well know that I am big time foodie. What about you? Confused? Well then here are some signs that will answer your query whether you are a foodie or not.

  • Dieting – that is not a word!

If you are a true foodie, words like dieting and fasting do not exist in your dictionary and if they do, they are probably the most hated one. Even if you try to diet, you fail miserably because the food is just so irresistible.

  • Clicking pictures of food is a ritual

You just cannot resist without clicking pictures, no matter how tempting your food looks,  the only thing you want to do is spam your social networking accounts with food pictures. Your account has possibly become a menu card!

  • Sharing is not caring

You must relate to Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S because “Joey doesn’t share food!” and so do you. You are not at all comfortable sharing your food with anyone but you are ready to take away their food too. Also, you are not even sorry for eating someone’s food.

  • All your money, in your tummy!

Shopping? Duh! That is totally not your thing. All your pocket money, savings or salary is used to try out the new dishes and new eateries across the city. Your life motto is to try food item available in your city.

  • Wasting food is a crime

For you, food is the most important thing in the whole world and you just cannot watch people wasting food. You prefer over eating rather than leaving it. You are not in peace till the food bowl get empty.


  • All time hungry
  • You are never ever full and your hunger is never ending. The monster craving food in you is never asleep.

    • You are a food guide

    All your friends, family and relatives often ask you about the good eateries in town and what to order. You are a solution to all food related queries and hence have become a food guide for them.

      • Zomato is your favourite site

    Facebook, Instagram or snapchat are not above Zomato for you. You use Zomato the most and this is your kind of social networking site as it keeps you updated about all food related stuff.

    If you can relate to these points then declare it out loud that you are a foodie! Also, go grab some food now.