What your dreams really mean

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Dreams are often sweet and sometimes they are a series of thoughts or emotions that occur during sleep. Every night during sleep, we all see dreams; they last for 15-20 Minutes. Have you ever wondered your dream can have a meaning? Did you ever think your dream is telling you something about your life?  Sometimes dreams are straight forward in their meaning, sometimes they tell a complex story. Come; let’s have a clear picture what different dream mean:

  • Falling

Falling in your dream is the most common dream people have. Not all falling dreams are bad. If you are scared while falling it signifies insecurity and anxiety in a current situation of your life. If you are enjoying, it suggests you are enjoying the changes.


  • Dying

Death is perceived as negative, dreaming of death means a dramatic change is happening in the life of the dreamer, something is ending up to make space for something new. It also reveals the wish to change something life and career.

  •    Being Chased

This is one of the most common dream people see, running away from something or being chased suggest that you are running from a situation in your life which is causing stress and anxiety. It indicates a positive sign also, that the dreamer should face the problem they are suffering from.

  • False Awakening

You usually see these dreams when you are extremely worried about the upcoming day, and you are trying to avoid it. It feels like you’ve woken up and started doing your daily routine but you haven’t. It occurs when you are nearly awake.

  • Teeth Falling

Teeth are a symbol of power and confidence; this is a very common dream. This dream is a sign that the dreamer has faced a situation wherein he/she has lost confidence. Such dreams are result of fear of rejection or embarrassment.

  • Being Late

This dream indicates that someone is doing too much and is over exhausted. It is a warning “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”. It also represents you are trying to get things done, but you are running short of time.


These are some of the common dreams that we usually see, Now that you know the interpretations, act accordingly.