Assumptions that can ruin your relationship

Thoughts that can end your relationship:

Trusting someone is okay, but having full faith in something that you are not even sure can be a bit uncomfortable. A good relationship has belief, loyalty, and understanding always assuming things that do not even exist can result in an end of a beautiful relation. So, here are some of the most common assumptions that we make about our partners:

Always staying together

In every relationship, it is very important to give space. You can not always expect your partner to stay with you. Learn to manage things on your own at times and don’t forget that you are individuals.

Always attracted to others

This is the most common assumption that many of us have. Interacting with the opposite gender does not mean that the person is attracted to him. You cannot expect your partner to ignore everyone just because he is in a relationship.

Not giving time

In today’s hectic schedules it is not possible to balance everything on time. If in case your partner forgets to call you because of some work then it does not mean that he does not love you anymore.


Do not judge your partner because of his past relationships. Trust him and be positive, such doubts can create a gap in your relationship. Look towards your bright future and forget about the past.

Expecting to always read your mind

A person with whom you are in a relationship is not a psychic. Expecting too much can hurt you, so instead of making such assumptions tell him face to face how you feel or what is going in your mind.

Not interested in going out with you

You cannot expect everyone to invite you as a couple. There are many gatherings like a family function, a boys’ party or an office party where you have to go alone. In such situations assuming that your partner is not interested in taking you along or is avoiding you is just a negative thought that arises in your mind.

Cheat on you

There is no solution for never-ending doubts,  always thinking that your guy will cheat you one day is just lack of trust and your insecurity towards him. Build a strong bond with him and try to think positive so that you won’t regret afterward.