Homemade Drinks That Helps Fight Dengue

Homemade fluids that cure dengue

With the shifts in season and weather, human health often gets affected since flues become the most common; and now, with the onset of the winter season, Dengue cases are at par where Delhi reported many cases. It gets transmitted to the human body via Aedes aegypti mosquitos which leads to a severe drop in platelets and results in body aches, headaches, and other rashes.

Dengue patients are suggested to intake as much as hydration along with a protein-rich diet and vitamin C. Alongside this, here are some homemade fluids and drinks that can help in the prevention of dengue and the fastest recovery if a person has already been infected with it.  

Neem Water: Boil some fresh neem leaves in drinking water and drink it with tea twice a day. This helps in increasing hydration and platelets and relieves body aches.

Bitter Melon Juice: Bitter Melon Juice also called Karela Juice is the best source of nutrients and hydration. You can drink one small glass of it in a day with a help of tomato, carrot, cucumber and other vegetables.

Tulsi:  The leaves of Tulsi at least 2-3 in a day must be consumed in tea. Tulsi is the best natural medicine which can be consumed in boiled milk and green tea as well. Moreover, you can also intake tulsi with lemon. All you need to boil some leaves, strain and add lemon drops to them.

Giloy: Giloy is considered the best herb which improves metabolic rate and immunity system. Though, people also take Giloy Tablets but consuming them in hot and warm water is more effective. 

These are the major and best sources of nutrients that increase blood count and platelets. In fact, you can also consume, the juice of pomegranate, carrot, and tender coconut water since they are also beneficial for dengue patients.