New dishes to make from leftovers in the fridge!

Check out the list of dishes that you can make from leftover food:

Now that everyone is channeling their inner master chef in lockdown, it is possible that you are cooking more proportions and more food than you need. If you have leftovers, daily in your house, rather than throwing them away add some flavor to your leftovers. These days many people are not able to get enough food, we must not waste some at least. So, here are some recipes to try with your leftovers:

  • Veg fried rice

Every time you cook rice there are some left, just add some veggies and masalas to it. And a new recipe is read. Eat them with curd or schezwan chutney.

  • Masala idli

If you have made idlis and there are some left make masala idlis out of them. Add some spices and onions to it. It is very simple and easy to make.

Have some leftover sabji like aloo gobhi, bhindi, or jeera aloo? Well stuff it into bread, and grill the sandwich. Freshly grilled sandwiches are ready.

  • Dal parantha

The best use of leftover dal is using it in making fresh paranthas. Instead of throwing them away, use them as delicious filling in paranthas. I swear dal tastes better in this form.

  • Curd rice

The best and simple South Indian dish. Turn your leftover rice into curd rice.

  • Roti upma

Have some leftover rotis? Well, make leftover upma using them.

  • Chicken sandwich

Have some leftover grilled chicken; well stuff it into bread to make a delicious chicken sandwich.

Have some leftover paneer sabji, stuff it inside a parantha and have a delicious breakfast.

  • Vegetable cutlet

One of the best ways to eat leftover subji is to turn it into a cutlet. If you have a leftover curry you have to dry it first and then add some bread or cornflour to absorb the moisture, shape and fry them in hot oil or airfryer.