End of the world? The Bible warned about locust attack!

Indian’s are convinced that the Bible warned us about the locust attack:

They devoured all that was left after the hail—everything growing in the fields and the fruit on the trees.” – this is written in Exodus Chapter 10 verses 12 to 15.

These are the lines stated by the bible about locust attacks and now Indians are convinced that the swarms of locusts invading northern parts of the country are Biblical and may even signal the end of the world. However, this week locusts entered Jaipur’s residential areas which are quite rare. The last time locusts invaded residential colonies was in 1993, as per reports.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we saw cyclone Amphan, earthquakes and now this locust attack. And everyone is thinking that apocalypse may not be far off.

After the news of the locust attack, Google trends show that people have been looking up Biblical passages on the event to understand what the religious book says about the event.

Not just Google, even social media is buzzing with claims that the locust attack is Biblical:

The Old Testament of the Bible does mention locusts in several parts and it also shows that the bugs have always been associated with destruction and devastation. In most cases, locusts were the weapons of the gods who used it to punish mankind. For example, the passage we quoted in the very beginning is from the Book of Exodus. In Egypt, their ruler, the Pharaoh refused to free the Israelites who had been enslaved and as punishment, the countrymen faced the wrath of God.

Of course, there is no way to say for sure that the Bible sees this coming. But one thing is sure locust attacks have been around since the dawn of mankind and have been wreaking havoc for generations now. And probably this is the reason why the Bible and other religious books associate these insects with devastation and loss of crops.