Quick desserts you can make using biscuits

Check out the list of desserts that you can make using biscuits:

Biscuits, evening chai sessions are incomplete without them, but other than accompanying our tea, biscuits can be used to make some delicious recipes as well. The versatile biscuits can be used to make some delicious and quick desserts. So here is a list of all the yummylicious recipes that you can make using your favorite biscuits: 

    • Biscuit pudding 

A simple recipe that uses biscuits to make a flavourful pudding. 

    • No-bake chocolate biscuit cake

I am a fan of this one, it is super rich and crunchy in taste.

    • Biscuit sandwich 

Craving for some ice cream sandwich? Well, make one at home.

    • Biscuit chocolate rolls 

These biscuits and chocolate stuffed rolls are easy to make and make a great tea-time snack. 

    • Banoffee pie 

 Make super easy no-bake banoffee pie to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

    • Tiramisu Cake

Make a quick tiramisu cake using Parle-G, coffee, and cream cheese.