Healthy winter snacking tips for you! 

Check out some healthy winter snacking tips:

Who can resist delicious warm treats in winter? Can you ever resist a plate of steaming momos or a bowl of gajar ka halwa? Of course not. It is difficult to maintain a diet in winter, however, we can still eat healthily in the season. Here are some tips to fulfill your cravings for unhealthy food in winter: 

  • Instead of eating unhealthy sweets try to switch to jaggery, dates, fruits, and other dry fruits. Try to use jaggery while making gajar ka halwa. 
  •  If you cannot avoid indulging in deep-fried foods, then at least try to cut out processed oil and go for the traditional healthier oils for preparing the same dish.
  • Instead of snacking packaged chips and snacks you can eat peanuts.

  • For winter snacking opt for soups, nuts, pistachios, makhana, and some healthy snacks as well. 

  •  Eating immunutiy-boosting foods, such as those rich in vitamin C, zinc, and iron, is most important for your immune system in winter. 
  • Instead of carbonated drinks, you can have fresh juices.

  • If you crave deep-fried foods you can eat besan ka cheela, moong daal cheela, and suji cheela made with less oil usage.