Recipe: Mango Salad

As summers are going and mango the king of fruits is also easily available so Chef Jitendra Upadhyay from Renaissance Lucknow Hotel shares an easy to make refreshing mango summer salad.


Mango: 200gm
Mint leaves:10gm
Mix lettuce: 50gm
Onion: 50 gms
Cherry Tomato: 50 gms
Lemon juice: 10ml
Chop mint :5gm
Olive oil :200ml
Salt: As per taste
Pepper: As per taste
Honey 10ml

Cut mango in cubes and add onions & tomato.
Add some chopped mint leaves to the salad; pour few drops of olive oil and honey.
Toss together with salt and pepper
Arrange salad in a plate with mix lettuce and pour remaining dressing on top of it.
Garnish it with few springs of mint leaves.