Reasons every girl needs a Punjabi friend

Punjabis have a brilliant sense of humor! Their presence make you happy as they are a perfect stress buster.  We know caste or religion doesn’t matter in friendship but we feel that every one should have a punjabi friend. Read on to know why

You will love their homemade food


Butter Chicken, aalu ke paranthe with makkhan is something we all love and crave for and punjabis are best at it.

She will always be by your side

No one is as full of life and enthusiastic as Punjabis as they are full of life and always  make you happy and lift your mood. Secondly they are the first ones to help you during crisis.

You will be entertained forever


They are both dramatic and realistic so, they will entertain you every moment. With their melodramatic actions and answers and their big fat weddings are so much fun.

 Alcohol capacity

Punjabis always take care of their friends and especially when they are high! They have an insane capacity for alcohol which is why they are always up for a drink.

They will make you laugh in every situation


They have an impeccable comic time and if not by their jokes then by their expressions they will make you laugh anyway. With them, you are not allowed to be sad!

An incomparable way of loving

Punjabi’s have an unmatched way of loving and you will always find them by your side and  loving you unconditionally. They are always optimistic about life and pass the same thought to their friends too.

They believe in Tit for Tat!

If a boy broke your heart or someone showed unnecessary attitude, they make sure to take revenge on your behalf. They don’t need any explanation  when it comes to their friends.