Pooja Bhatt trolled for calling out BigB on #Kathua

Pooja Bhatt reminded Amitabh Bachchan of his film Pink and got trolled over!

Amitabh Bachchan’s decision for not commenting on Kathua and Unnao rape case has led to many different reactions. Many people across social media called him out for saying he is disgusted and will not comment on the terrible cases and among them is Pooja Bhatt. The actress took to Twitter and reminded people of the film Pink, a film in which Bachchan played a lawyer who vociferously defended a women’s right to consent.

She tweeted: “I can’t help being reminded of a film called Pink. Can our images on screen please be reflected in reality?” On Thursday, Bachchan – the ambassador for government’s ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’ initiative – was asked about the rape cases. His reply was, “Mujhe uss vishay par charcha karne mein ghinn aati hai. So uss vishay ko uchhalo mat (I feel disgusted even talking about it. So, don’t rake up this issue). It’s terrible to even talk about it.”

Because of her comment, she started getting trolled, with many taking up her battle with alcoholism. She had come clean about her bad addiction and from last ten months, she is sober now.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, the actress said: “Luckily, I pulled the plug before it became impossible for me to stop. I’m in the pink of health except for the weight I put on because I’m now a stressful producer. But being the daughter of an alcoholic makes you four times more susceptible to becoming one.”