10 things a girl thinks while getting a biking wax!!

10 thoughts that come to a girl’s mind while getting a bikini wax done.

Bikini wax is becoming popular among girls because they like it clean down there. It is little painful as compared to the normal wax  because the area is very sensitive which is why many girls including me often think twice . While getting it done there are about a million thoughts that run through in a girl’s mind and here are the ten of them

Bikini Wax
Bikini Wax
    • OMG! Why am I doing this to myself? Why do I have to take the pain?
    • What if I have a lot of pubic hair, what will she think about me?  She is obviously going to judge me for this.
    • Ouch! It pains like hell and here is the other one.  On one stretch of the strip, it feels like my whole body hair is being waxed.


    • I am totally naked in front of a stranger. It feels so weird. How can someone else see me naked that too with hair.
    • Why is she rubbing the wax so slowly?  What is she up to? She is waxing or what?
    • Oh God! This hot clammy wax. It feels more sticky and tacky down there.


  • I hate this! I don’t like it and I will never get it again.
  • Just a few more seconds Hold on for 10-20 seconds then it will be clean and neat.
  • How much is left are you not done yet? – This is taking a lot of time, when will it get over.
  • Finally, it is done, oh wait I have to get it again now – It is over for now but I have to bear this pain again.

The after feeling is oh it is so smooth!!