Gossiping makes employees efficient!

Office gossip is a good idea!

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Don’t we all love those coffee breaks at work to catch up on the latest speculations and gossip at office? A study says 9 out of 10 office talks can be labeled as gossip.

Everyone says it’s a bad habit but there is good news for the gossiping lot at work! But a study done by a team of Dutch psychologists says that gossiping makes workers efficient. Gossip is used as a meaningful way to warn co-workers about others who are shirking working.

What not to do in the office
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The study says gossip is healthy too (at times) as it acts as an indirect pressure to perform well.

But here are a few tips to indulge in healthy gossip:

  • Do not spread lies.
  • Keep it to a joke, don’t make any gossip sexist or derogatory in any manner.
  • Try to take it lightly if you come to know some gossip about you.
  • If anything serious gossip, which can harm your image, is talking place inform office HR.
  • So the next time someone tells you to stop gossiping at work, tell them you are improving your efficiency!
  • No one minds a bit of leg pulling but snatching clients or extracting information is not gossiping. It is sheer politics, stay away from such politically correct people.
  • Always try to lighten the atmosphere if the gossip at work includes character assassination.
  • Never bad mouth your senior or bosses. You never know what can come out and spread.
  • Gossiping can be a great way to get exclusive information, use it wisely.

Keep it healthy and have fun gossiping.