Beauty tip: Get rid of tired eyes in 5 minutes

How you can get that sparkle back to your tired eyes

Cucumber for tired eyes
Cucumber for tired eyes

Get rid of those tired eyes in a jiffy

Often we all have that tired, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol look in our eyes. More often than not  that the ugly dark under eye circles also make an appearance in the day and walking into a meeting with this slightly hungover look is no fun. Sometimes overdo-ing at mobile screen staring also gives way to tired eyes. In such a situation all I want is a pair of sunglasses for the day but it is not viable (or practical) to wear them in front of your boss! So here are few easy home remedy tips to get rid of those dark circles:

Cold cucumbers: Place cold cucumber slices onto your closed eye for 10-15 minute (PS don’t fall asleep!) this will immediately help reduce the dark circles under your eyes. As cucumber helps suck out toxins which cause them!

Tea bags for tired eyes
Tea bags for tired eyes

Tea bags: Do not have cucumbers? Just dunk 2 tea bags n chilled water or put them in the freezer for a minute after you wet them. Place them on your closed eyelids to help reduce dark eye circles immediately.

Chilled spoons: Keep 2 spoons in the freezer at night, once you have showered and are almost ready place the spoons on your eyelids and this will reduce the puffiness and dark circles instantly.

Lemon juice: Apply some lemon juice under your eyes carefully (as it can sting eyes) the Vitamin C in lemon juice helps reduce dark eye circles. Apply fresh lemon juice with a piece of cotton around your eyes and rinse with cold water after ten minutes.

Ice ice baby: Wrap ice cubes in a handkerchief and place under your eyes for a few minutes this will reduce the puffiness.

Apply caffeine based concealer: Yes! Caffeine in a concealer will help reduce the puffiness and make your skin look alive and will conceal those dark circles. PS do touch up in the day. Our pick Garnier roll on concealer.

Try Eyetone drops (or rosewater): Eye tone is a medicated rose water eye drops, put them in your eyes at night and you will wake up with bright eyes and no puffiness. Try them in the morning and they will give you a woken up look. PS it will sting a bit if you are overtired.


Apply lots of kohl: Can’t beat the dark circles? Join them! Well conceal as much as you can and do a subtle smokey eye. The black mysterious look will take the attention away from those dark circles. Plus you will look Monday ready for work!