Best things about having a big sister

Having an older sister is like a blessing in disguise. She helps you with everything in life, is your constant support and the most understanding person. The list can go on and on.

Team AAW tells you the benefits of  having an elder sister which you can surely relate if you have an older sister.

  1. You are never short on money:

She is like your personal ATM (any time money). Whenever you need some cash, you always approach her and borrow some. If she refuses you can always play the cute puppy dog face and get away with it. You can promise to return the money but you never do.

  1. She becomes the best excuse:

Anything you want to get out of, she becomes the excuse for everything and anything. Taking her name and getting out of a plan is kind of your habit.

  1. Learn the skill to handle parents:

Observing your sister over the years, you are now kind of an expert when it comes to handling your parents. She has passed her trick and tips to you and you use them to your maximum.

  1. Being good at sarcasm:

You have heard your sister being sarcastic to you almost all your life. So you do pick on some pointers.

  1. She becomes the alarm for all the important date:

Every person has faced this problem of mixing birthday or anniversaries and screwing things. Well an elder sister always remembers all the important dates and will also remind you. And if she’s in a good mood will even let you write your name on the card.

  1. Makes you confident:

She is the one person who will constantly support you. She teaches you how to be yourself and be confident.

  1. You will never feel lonely:

At any family function or party, if you go with your older sister, she will never let you feel lonely. She will constantly be with you and will not let you get bored. Even if you relocate for studies or work, she will always be there to scold you or guide you.

  1. You get the liberty to bend or break the rules:

The rules were made for your older sister, but are also applied on you. So if you ever decide to break a rule she will always save your ass.

  1. Help you with your clothes:

She can bluntly tell you what looks nice on you and what looks hideous. She will be like your fashion police.

  1. Share the closet:

If you two are the same size, then you definitely share the closet. Whatever is hers is yours and vice versa. You get to wear her new clothes and shoes and show it off to your friends.

All in all, you always have her right next to you no matter what. She will be there through thick and thin. Always reaches out for you if you get into some trouble. So do share and like if you have an older sister and love her.