Cleansing balms: Why to try them

Here is everything you need to know about cleansing balms:

There are many products available in the market and the range is so wide that people are often confused about which ones to pick. Apart from face wash, scrubs, and cleansers, cleansing balms have made their way into the beauty products range. So what are cleansing balms and why you should buy them? Here is everything you need to know.

Source- Adore Beauty

What are cleansing balms?

It is a product that is ideal for people with dry skin which removes dirt without drying out the skin. It can remove dirt and impurities along with makeup and also moisturizes your skin simultaneously.

While anyone can use cleansing balms, it is most effective for people who usually wear heavy makeup and have dry and sensitive skin. People with extremely dry skin may find this product to be most useful for them.

Why pick cleansing balms?

The main reason behind skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc is improper cleansing of the skin. Keeping your skin free of dirt is important to keep it healthy and this product can deep cleanse your skin.

How to use cleansing balm?

Though they are different from face wash, cleansing balms aren’t that complicated to use. Take some of the product in your palm and apply it on dry face. Rub your face gently and rinse off with warm water. You can also use it while removing makeup and rinse off the remaining product with water.

Generally, you can use cleansing balms twice a day for the best results but there is no hard and fast rule. Use it as and when you please, depending on your skincare routine.