5 Ways to stay focused if you are easily distracted

How to remain focused for longer

In the age of countless options, variety of devices and internet on your tips, it is very easy to get distracted. Even if you are someone who does not surf through the internet much, there is always something on your mind while you are in the middle of a task.  Not being productive not only increases the workload but also demotivates you.

Here are a few ways by which you can avoid distraction and stay focused:

Keep your phone away

Mindlessly scrolling away through your phone is something that we do every day. Add up the number of minutes spent doing this; you will see where the real problem lies. Keep your phone away or somewhere you can’t see it.  There are many apps that lock your phone for a particular duration and you can only use your phone after the time is up.

Make a list of only the most important task

If you are in habit of making a list of tasks you need to complete in a day, make sure to list the most important ones first. Focus on completing one task at a time and if you feel like doing multiple things, remind yourself why one thing is listed above another.

Unclutter your desk

Keeping a lot of things at your work station will distract you and you may find yourself dwindling through things from time to time. Keep your desk clean and less stuff around you.

Stick to a routine

You are less likely to fall off the wagon if you have a particular routine and system to go about your tasks. Fix a routine; assign yourself deadlines so that you complete all your work in time.

Avoid multitasking

Not everyone can juggle a number of things in one go and that is okay. Stick to concentrating on one task at a time. This way, your work will receive your full focus and quality will remain uncompromised.

Here are a few tips that can help you stay focused. Remember, little efforts will break this habit so don’t be disappointed if it takes time. Training your mind to stay focused may take a while.